Chilli Margarita Recipe

Fancy something a little spicy? Well, this Chilli Margarita is just for you. From the first sip, this cocktail will make you lips tickle while you indulge in the refreshing and tart flavour combination.

Start with our VnC Margarita as a base...


01 — 1 bottle of VnC Margarita

02 — 1 Chilli (red or green)

03 — 2 Tbs caster sugar 

04 — 2 Tbs Salt

05 — 1/2 tsp chilli powder

06 — 1 Lime

07 — 1/2 cup of ice


Method: Spicy Rim

01 — Place sugar, salt and chilli powder in a small bowl and mix together

02 — Rim your glasses with fresh lime

03 — Dip your glasses into the sugar and salt mixture to rim your glasses

Method: Chilli Margarita

01 — Pour the VnC Margarita into a cocktail shaker

02 — Chop up the chilli, add half to the shaker

03 — Add ice and SHAKE

04 — Pour mixture into rimmed glasses and garnish with extra chilli and lime slices.

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